There exist a number of opportunities for the establishment of new businesses in Turks & Caicos, and current government policy is to attract inward investment. All businesses, if not licensed under some other law, must have a licence under the Business Licensing Ordinance. The Government encourages the participation and/or training of Turks & Caicos citizens in new enterprises, and it will normally be difficult to establish a new business in one of the areas reserved for citizens. On the other hand, where the business is in an area not being adequately served, an unconditional licence will generally be forthcoming.  Foreigners wishing to engage in gainful occupation or to become ordinarily resident are required to obtain a permit to do so from the immigration authorities.  Permanent residence may be granted to persons making a substantial investment.

With the firm's long experience in Turks & Caicos, informed advice concerning the establishment of new enterprises and all matters of immigration is offered to clients interested in doing business or simply looking for an alternative place of residence.  We can assist in preparing and overseeing applications for business licences, work permits and residence permits.