October news

Project Uncovery Draft – The Villas At Blue Mountain – Search Market Positioning Initiative
Business Goals & Intent (RECAP)
The goals of search market positioning as part of website redevelopment are to increase the search traffic and conversion rate of the company’s website and thereby increase rentals and sales with a positive return on investment; especially to enable direct bookings so as to avoid network commission fees.
I.e. to draw enough traffic to the website sell vacation rentals with a return on investment better than using networks and to ensure units do not go unsold.
In particular, to be aware of relevant and popular themes and weave them into the presentation to gain natural search engine rank and at the same time prepare the site to achieve a high quality score for the Google Adwords network when the PPC campaign is launched.
Specific Purpose (RECAP & DRAFT)
What is the current market opportunity? Per Uncovery research…
1. What is most relevant and popular in the market?